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Certifications (Verifications) are a requirement for all new, renovated or breached medical gas systems.

New medical gas systems and additions can sometimes be confusing or tricky. That's why we will be there every step of the way. Here is a highlight of what you can expect from our company in regards to certifications.

Pre-Planning Stages and Meetings

Sometimes it is necessary to meet with the installing contractor, the end user, and other parties to discuss an upcoming project. It is always wise to take the extra time to review a plan of action prior to a large project, such as a facility wide oxygen shutdown. This will help allow things to go much smoother on the day the work is performed. Topics discussed may be as simple as areas for staging that may be required for back feds, preparations for affected critical care areas, estimating an outage timeline or just making sure all parties are in agreement with the plan.

Blueprint Review


At no additional cost to our customers, we will review all blueprint draw-ings and specifications to help you avoid costly oversights and possible code violations. This is a great way for you to cut cost and time from going back and making changes after the fact. We do ask that blueprints are emailed or mailed to us for review unless reviewed at a pre-planning meeting.

Final Certification (Verification)

Whether it is a small renovation, such as adding a few outlets in an X-Ray room, or an entire facility shutdown, we will have the necessary amount of verifiers on hand to ensure all testing is thorough and in accordance with the NFPA 99 codes that applicable to your jurisdiction. All of our verifiers are certified through NITC as both medical gas verifiers and inspectors. A hand-written report will available the day of inspection and a typed hard copy will follow. Additionally, all our customers have access to their certifica-tion records and history through the customer log-in.

*** System Certifications (Verifications) should only be performed by individuals that are certified to ASSE Standard 6030 Verifiers. All of our verifiers are NITC Certified for ASSE Standard 6030 Verifiers and Standard 6020 Inspectors. ***